Sales Haul!!!

Hello Everyone!!! Sorry I've been away for awhile, been a bit busy spending time with my family and friends. Hope you are all doing great? As you all know after the holiday season, there is still a spot of bargains to be made even after January sales. I was able to take advantage of the few sales … Continue reading Sales Haul!!!


Happy New Year!!! (Fireworks and All Sorts…Lol)

Happy New Year To You! Happy New Year To You! Happy New Year!!! Hello Everyone, How are we all? Me, am good thanks, I hope you all had a wonderful season of celebrating and thanksgivings. Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!!! Started the year on a high with prayers, then on the actual new years day, I … Continue reading Happy New Year!!! (Fireworks and All Sorts…Lol)

Hello Hi!

Hey! Decided to start this blog because am a lover of all things fashion, music and random stuff which makes hanging out with me lots of My name is Damilola, just finished my masters in International Business and Commercial Law, graduating next year summer (don't ask me why so late; my uni is funny … Continue reading Hello Hi!