*Covers Face*

The Award for the Least Frequent Blogger goes to…….Me :-[
Yes I know I deserved that, my last post was about me coming back to show you guys what I wear to work. And that didnt happen. My reasons….call it lack of basic amenities like no internet 😦 and the busy life of being a student at law school and then going straight on to do NYSC and working.

Yes I have finally finished law school and moved on to do NYSC which i’m currently still in. And goodness I must say, i dont want to come back as a Nigerian in my next lifetime just so I can avoid doing NYSC again. Ok, ok so its not as bad as I make it out to be but it could be better. Regardless I am learning a whole lot as a practising lawyer and I am somewhat enjoying it. But still looking for something that is more challenging, although I do not know what that is yet….

Now that I have been here for quite a bit (2 years plus), I have been able to get a feel of what kind of social events are available to me and the ones I would go for whenever I can. One thing I will say though is that my fellow Nigerians know how to party!!!!!!! I mean this country should have an award for the most events held every weekend….most especially weddings! There is literally a couple of them every weekend and I must say alot of planning and dosh goes into them. So I know what is expected when I am planning mine (hold your horses im not engaged or married yet…..hehehe lol).

Moving on swiftly, relocating was not really the best feeling when I moved back but with God and hard work, i know the sky is definitely not my limit lol

I was a bridesmaid at one of the weddings held a few weeks ago so il give you a peek of what i wore….


What do you think?

And yes thats a weave and i have given up on the au natural hair journey trail, i tried but my patience is much thinner here where things are not so easily accessible.

Bisous Lovelies! ♥


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