Hello (How far…lol)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the break, been really busy moving country and also settling in. Where Did I move to You Ask….NIGERIA! :-/ Why you ask, I was wondering the same thing myself…lol. The reason why am back is hopefully to go to law school (If I get accepted), do national service (called Nigerian Youth Service Corp), to be with my family (parents and two other siblings live here) and then to get a job.

The heat is horrible but acclimatised to it so that’s good, got work experience as a law intern aswell. The working environment is not what I expected, very relaxed and chilled. Also learning how to drive but its scary cause the roads are bad and there is a lot of different forms of public transportation on the roads. The worst being the Okada (motorcycle) drivers ,they are reckless drivers so for a learner like me its awful.

Besides the hustle and bustle going on am just trying to adapt and what I have realised though is that Nigerians know how to have fun. For me I think its strange in a work place where I would think things should be serious but that’s the life-style here. Some people call it ‘faji’ (enjoyment) lol…I say wasting your precious time when you could be doing something useful.

Am thinking of putting up pictures to show what I wear to work. My dressing is kind of boring so don’t expect anything too flashly, at the end of the day I am going to work not clubbing…lol

Yes I know I know I need to loosen up at times, am trying really hard to change and just enjoy myself once in awhile.

What has everyone been up to since my break, anything exciting?!

pls post your comments and have a blessed week!

Love Love Love to you all


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