I Am so so so So So SoRrY!!!

Hey  Everyone!

Sorry I have not updated my blog in a while, I have been busy seeing family up and down the country due to some new developments going in my life, which I will reveal to you in a few weeks (max 1 weeks time).

I know I said I will be updating you guys also on the Winter/Autumn Fashion Show this February and I still will. If anyone is actually following it, London Fashion Week ends today and Milan Fashion Week starts. The best shows for me I would say are in New York, Milan and Paris, London Fashion Week is great also but just a bunch of designers I would say I could wear their collection (that is when I am able to afford them….lol, until then I’ll settle for the High Street dupes).

My style I would say is still evolving and I am getting to know what fits and suits me and what does not. But my aim is always to look grown up chic and also youthful at the same time.

Remember I you guys in a previous post that I had cut my hair….? Well its grown! But I still want to cut it again cause I think I have split ends from the remnants of my relaxed hair. So am going to cut it again soon.

Valentines Day was this month! I did not get up to much; felt like just any other day to me (maybe cause am single, does not bother me really), spent most of it chatting to my mum and her usual nagging about why I don’t have a boyfriend still (that will be another discussion for another blog post).

Anyways got to go, but I will be back very soon. Staying at my sisters place for few days where she is studying at university just catching up with her (at the moment shes at uni though, probably reading this blog post once I put it online….GET BACK to the BOOKS SIS 😉

Have a Fantastic Day

xoxo (Dont get it twisted…this aint Gossip Girl…lol 😉


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