Winter Fashion Week Starts This Feb!!!

Hey Guys

I know am on a roll now with the blog posts, just in case am not around for awhile they should keep you busy.

Anyways, Fashion Week starts this February for Autumn/Winter 2011-2012!!! Golly gosh am I excited, already the Couture Shows have been going on in Paris these past few weeks in January and the colours I have noticed at most of the shows are nude sheer colours, very floaty and light. So am expecting something brighter for the AW 2011-2012 collections.

Another exciting thing about these fashion shows too are the new faces that we may or may not see on the runway. Whilst browsing through the UK Vogue website, I noticed a collection of photographs taken by the infamous fashion photographer Rankin for an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery for the ‘All Walks Beyond The Catwalk’ campaign. One person out of all the photographs taken was a model named Natasha Ndlovu. Born in Zimbabwe, but lived most of her life in South Africa but now lives in the UK.  Quote me if am wrong but I think she is a new face to the runways and it would be great to see her face in campaigns and doing other things that would promote her name and face even more. I think she will be big! So watch out for her! It is always great to see new black models on the runway and in designer campaigns. So be on the look out for Natasha Ndlovu….What does she look like you say….

And also if you want to get to know Natasha even better check out her blog called SnowBlack.

I will try and update you again on shows that I like when Fashion Week actually starts; first city being LONDON!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far….?

Happy Mid Week! 😀



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