New Artist Alert!!!

Hello Everyone

How is it going? Ok, I know what you are going to say… life is not centered around music, but I love it so much and I like to share. If you live in the UK, you should already know about this artist, if not wheres your head at? seriously!!! she’s only like the biggest artist to get massive airplay off her song called ‘Like A Dude’…Its **Jessie J**

I must admit when my sister recommended I listen to her song, I was not really interested cause I really did not want to do it ‘Like a Dude’ (sorry had to go there). But after the massive overkill of airplay and persuasion from my sister after watching her live at a show, I decided to listen to a few of her songs on youtube (mostly the live sets) and my was I blown away. They say never judge a book by its cover, Jessie J if you ever read my blog, am so sorry I didnt give you a chance at first instance. I love music but when it comes to being adventurous or listening to new people, I am sometimes a bit hesitant. But am glad I took a chance to get to know her and love her. She seems like a very down to earth person and it shows in her songs. My favourites that I have heard on Youtube are ‘Who You Are’ and ‘Price Tag’ – which is her new single. I love the message in her songs and they are all just feel-good type of songs. But the main reason why I love Jessie J and why I am definitely going to buy her album when it comes out in March (hopefully if it is not pushed back) is because of her voice. It is a great big beautiful voice. Oh my can she saaaannng!!! Still talking about her to my sister…while I had ‘Price Tag’ on replay (going on itunes now to buy it actually!). She has the most beautiful voice ever. She is another person to look out for in 2011. I feel this year is a year of great things for everyone, so if y’all want the best for yourself go get it!!!


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