New Album Alert!!!

Hi Everyone

As most of you already may know if you read my blog. I am a lover of music!!!! And the more the new music there is from my favourite artists; the happier I am!!!

Drumroll…..everyone should know about this artist by now, especially from her debut album called 19 (give you time to ponder over who it is)….Yes You Got it!!! Adele! 😉

I loved her right from her last album and even though it took two years to release the new one called 21;  I am happy it is out now.

Released on 24th January (a day after my sisters birthday, who loves Adele as much as I do) and has received a lot of positive reviews from the likes of the BBC, The Telegraph and the Guardian Newspapers. The new album is similar to her last album; 19 in such a way that it is mostly again about heartbreak but she is not going to let it bring her down. The album 21 shows Adele having more confidence in a way when dealing with heartbreak. she claims she was inspired by old American country music which shows in few of the songs especially on her first single ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Whilst listening to the album, it just came to my mind how one would never know that she is just a 22 year old but sings like she is older than that, which I feel is what makes her so great. She has such a beautiful voice, my dream is to watch her sing live.

My favourite song out of the whole album is called ‘Someone Like You’ which I think is a favourite with most people since she sang it on the Jools Holland Show. I have nicely bought this song already and its getting overplayed heavily on my phone and computer. I am hoping to get the full album for my sister as a gift (yes I love my sister shes the only one I got).

If anyone is thinking of buying a album to start off their new year, please get Adele’s 21 (I rate it 9/10); it is an awesome collection of songs.

Here I like to leave you with the favourite song for me on the album. Enjoy!


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