Happy New Year!!! (Fireworks and All Sorts…Lol)

Happy New Year To You! Happy New Year To You! Happy New Year!!!

Hello Everyone, How are we all? Me, am good thanks, I hope you all had a wonderful season of celebrating and thanksgivings. Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!!!

Started the year on a high with prayers, then on the actual new years day, I literally spent most of the day in the kitchen, wonderful but tiresome at the same time. You know when you have cooked so much and at the end of it all you feel so full even though you have not eaten a single thing? Thats hows I felt. New years day was a fun day with the family again – like it was during Christmas up in Manchester. A family tradition we have where I live is that we open our presents on New Years Day instead of Christmas day. Am sure you’re wondering…WHO DOES THAT?! (I wonder the same too!) having to wait another week to open presents! Argh! Enough with the ranting, this time I did not get what I needed but am still grateful regardless ( as you can see I kind of continued a tiny bit with the ranting…LoL)

Anyway enough about that, on to my future I suppose….I predict it being a fantastic one. What I need to happen in 2011 is to have a job, deepen my relationship with the Man upstairs (GOD for those who don’t know…), my man on earth to find me quick enough! ( yes I don’t go looking, he does the searching), to be financially stable and independent and also be more responsible about how I run my life.

A lot to achieve in a year you say? Why don’t you follow my blog and see how far I exceed myself in 2011 By His Grace. Am hoping to show more of my colours to you this year seeing as I started this blog late 2010. Hoping to hear some comments about what everyone is aiming to achieve this year.


Stay Positive. X



One thought on “Happy New Year!!! (Fireworks and All Sorts…Lol)

  1. Asaolu Akintoye says:

    nice must accomplish list for the year…for me my favourite was the part of your man on earth finsing you out…lol
    catch ya later

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