3 Words To Describe 2010

Hello Hello Hello!

Hope everyone is doing great?  This morning I was filling a survey and one of the questions I was asked, was to describe 2010 in three words. I decided to have a think about this with my sister and we both came up with the same answers which is cool because sisters should think the same right….LoL

Anyway, the first word that I would use to describe 2010 is….


How has 2010 been challenging for me? Well, I did have to do a lot of coursework which required a lot of research; that was hard work, family issues was another downer, financial issues; not having enough brought some sadness, my relationship level with God was not where I wanted it to be because I stressed about so many things, illness ( really bad period as well). However, regardless of all that, I passed through it all for the better which leads to my next word….


All the challenges I have faced in 2010 only lead to making me stronger and wiser. I have been able to learn from the experiences of others and my own and this I know will make me an even better person in 2011 by Gods Grace!!!



Although there have been some lows in 2010, there have also been many highs. Those highs are what have made 2010 fun! They have been fun times I have spent with friends and family and me just really getting to know myself in God. Every experience I have had in 2010 has gotten me even closer to knowing what God is about and how much he cares. There are times where words cannot describe it and I am smiling inside out, God is truly awesome!

Now I Tag You!…..Can You Describe 2010 in 3 Words?


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