My 10 Favourite Singles For 2010!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful week. I know most schools in the UK are closing this week because next weekend is Christmas. Hope everyone is geared up for the season and done all the necessary shopping. VAT is rising on Jan 4th! LoL

If you haven’t already noticed, I am a lover of all things music; so I figured it being the last month in the year, won’t it be nice to talk to you about the tracks that have got me going through 2010. Am not prone to buying albums because I have a wide interest in different genres of music, so I rather buy singles instead of albums in order to have a feel of all the different genres I am in to. The singles are not ranked in order of preference, I love them all equally.

1. ‘Goodby Game’ (Let Freedom Reign 2010) – Chrisette Michele

She recently released an album this year (not released in the UK) which I mentioned in my previous blog. To me her voice is like an old soul (some might understand what I mean by this), it reminds me of the motown era with modern touch on things. The single ‘Goodbye Game’ is an empowering song and I always love songs that lift you up during times when you are feeling down. This one does it for  me!


2. ‘Christmas Lights’ Single (2010) – Coldplay

Coldplay; they were almost drifting from my memory until they released this single. I wondered where they had been all this while. Their new single ‘Christmas Lights’ was just released this December 2010 and is definitely going down in my music archives as one of my favourite Christmas songs. I love Coldplay, for me they keep getting better with every album they release, although this is just a single, am looking forward to their new album which I pray will be released very soon. My understanding of their single ‘Christmas Lights’ is about love lost and finding your way back to love again, never giving up.


3. ‘What’s My Name’ (Loud 2010) – Rihanna Ft Drake

“Oh Na Na, What’s My Name, Oh Na Na, What’s My Name”….She is back! The Rihanna I loved from ‘Pon De Replay’ ! To be honest I was not feeling her previous album ‘Rated R’, it was just toooooo dark for my liking and I do not do dark music one bit. This albums sounds like it is all about celebration and am loving every bit of it. Also Rihanna featuring Drake on the ‘What’s My Name’ single couldn’t have been a better collaboration!  It gets me on my feet every time I hear it (I am one to replay tracks over and over again until I get bored….This one has not hit that stage yet…Loving it still!).


4. ‘Holla At Your Boy’  Single – Wiz Kid

I might as well say it now…Am Nigerian! And yes I like to support my people once in awhile in terms of music. Caught news of the artist Wiz Kid from a friend of a friend and the first listen to this song called ‘Holla At Your Boy’ just got me interested in listening to it over and over again, so I thought I would share this gem of mine too with you guys. This is a feel good song really, If you see the video…I definitely would not be hollering at any such guys in real life…lol. But I love the concept because it shows that the music scene in Nigeria is progressing and love I  progression especially in my home country.


5. ‘Dynamite’  (Rokstarr 2010) – Taio Cruz

If you have not heard this song in 2010…Seriously Where Have You Been?! You Have Only Just Missed Out On Enjoying The Biggest Song Of The Year!!! (YES I SAID IT! ). Taio Cruz Smashed it Out of the Universe with this song (random expression I know). The album on a whole is Awesome! I love it! Am wondering why I never got the whole album, I think I have about three or so singles from it that has kept me going so yay me! favourite tracks from the album: Break Your Heart, Higher, No Other One, Take Me Back. and obviously my top favourite one is ‘Dynamite’! I love Taio Cruz, He’s got cool swag to him with his Rokstarr shades…Awesome!


6. ‘Wake Up Everybody’ (Wake Up! 2010) – John Legend and the Roots

Two Heavy Heavyweight Champions in My Eyes from two different genres (R&B and Hip Hop) collaborating to make great soulful music. This is definitely going down for me as a classic album. The single ‘Wake Up Everybody’ is an inspirational song with a message for ‘everybody’ to hear. I feel they are in some way under-rated, The Roots even more than John Legend. But there is nothing wrong in them being exclusive to those who appreciate their music. ‘Wake Up Everybody’  also features R&B artist Melanie Fiona and Hip Hop artist Common which takes the song to another level. I love how they covered the song which was an original by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.


7. ‘Paperweight’ (Dear John Soundtrack 2010) – Joshua Radin and Schyler Fisk

It was this year, that I started having a strong love for folk music. For me it is the most calming type of music after classical music and I love how the artists are very organic, in wanting for their fans to have that same connection when they listen to their music. These type of artists show that they are not interested in the money factor of making music but their love for it instead and the way it touches their fans. I heard the song ‘Paperweights’ when I was watching the film Dear John and instantly fell in love with it. Since then it is always on replay on my Ipod. Another classic song to store in my music archives!


8. There is a King in You (The Law of Confession, Part 1 2009) – Donald Lawrence

This is an empowering song. Another fact about me is that I am a Christian, I love God and anything that involves Him. Seeing that God loves music, I too had to become a fan of people who made it their life to sing their hearts out to the Almighty Father. Donald Lawrence is wonderful worship leader and most of his previous albums have blessed me many attimes. Songs like ‘There is a King in You’ are a reminder that God loves me especially! And that he wants the best for me too.


9. ‘All I Have to Give’ (The 2econd Coming 2009) – Mali Music

This is a thanksgiving song, and omy goodness do I love to give thanks to God! Mali Music is another artist I stumbled upon through a friend. He is only his early twenties but he decided he would rather use his voice to sing his heart out for God and what a guy that is! His song titled ‘All I Have to Give’ off his album, The 2econd Coming is amazing! And so are the other tracks off the album. A classic worship for my Christian brothers and sisters.


10. ‘Let The Sunshine’ single – Labrinth

Labrinth is a talented music producer, that made a few hits for certain artists in 2010. He is signed to Simon Cowell’s record label SyCo but also decided he wanted to be more than just a producer. His single ‘Let the Sunshine’ is what it is; another feel good summer song (yes I see myself crusing in my car jamming to this tune…lol or maybe at a bbq with my close friends). I hope he gets even bigger in the new year because I think he is awesome!


I hope you liked my top 10 favourite singles for 2010,  I like to process what I listen to when it comes to music, therefore if it is not benefiting me in any way or the message is not right or too vulgar, I just would not consider it suitable to listen to. Gone are the days when music was maybe just about the sound or the heavy beat.

If any would like to recommend to me any new artist or even oldies but goodies, please do not hesitate to comment or send me a link.

Enjoy your weekend

PS: Sorry if the snow is heavy where you are, Don’t want to rub it in but I hardly had any snow where I live and am I thankful for that lol


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