New Haircut!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry am a bit slow in updating this blog, this is actually not my first blog, I have another one called ‘pockets of wisdom and dreams’; it is more of a inspirational blog about my relationship with God. Yes I am a Christian, but I also know how to have fun, responsibly.

Moving on, recently I have just been fed up with my hair especially when it comes to maintaining it and like I said in my fist blog, because am still looking for a job, my monetary fund is limited. so what would a reasonable person do in this situation….? I cut it, thats what!

I feel in some way liberated….lol but I think it was definitely the wrong season to decide to cut it. With all the snow and everything….I do not regret it yet… until maybe friends and family see it and start nagging about it (its funny why they would do that though, its not like its their hair…lol)

Do not know what is going to become of my short hair cut; but am thinking about dying it a different colour. My inspiration to cut my hair came from the lovely Chrisette Michele. She is an American R&B artist with a beautiful soulful voice. Check out her song called ‘Goodbye Game‘ from her new album called ‘Let Freedom Reign’….Love it!!!!

Chrisette Michele also has two previous albums which are a gem of mine.

Final Note: (drumroll)

What you guys think of the new me i.e haircut….lol; love it or hate it?


One thought on “New Haircut!

  1. Danielle A says:

    Hi my name is Danielle, I recently cut all my hair off too…if you’d like a picture feel free to e-mail me…I L O V E IT! YES as you said it’s liberating and like Chrisette Michele said LET FREEDOM REIGN!

    Most of my family members & strangers are sportive, NOW lol, after see how good it’s looks and how nice and clam I feel after haven done it they haven’t said anything negative but they all wonder where I got the inspiration and I tell everyone the same thing…
    “I felt I needed to, an urge and I didn’t like going to the hair salon, it costs to much and the process of waiting on line to get it washed then the heat of the dryer PLEASE! people will love me for how I treat them not how long or straight my hair is/was.”


    Pace, Love and Light 2012 the awakening

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